Cryptocurrency As A Cybersecurity Alarm

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Summary Argument: During some computer attacks, IT departments are not aware that a successful penetration has occurred. This article argues that a cryptocurrency honeypot can be used as a security alarm to alert the company of the attacker's penetration.  949 tokens
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     IT systems are under constant attack. Hardly a day goes by without news of a major data breach. These disclosed data breaches are all now known to the IT departments, which is why they are publicly announced. But many times, the attack process starts with an unknown intruder trying to penetrate the system. And many times, at this point, the IT departments are not yet aware of the attacker's presence.
     Security professionals are most interested in the point where the attack becomes successful. The key issue is how the engineer recognizes the breach. Oftentimes, the attackers are so skilled that it is months or more before the breach is detected. Sophisticated attackers can remain undetected, carefully exfiltrating data. Security networks need monitoring alarms based on guardrails or anomalies to be able to detect these actors.
     With the advent of cryptocurrency, many penetration testing challenges use crypto as a reward in a capture-the-flag style contest. The private key of the crypto wallet is used as a reward for the pentester who is able to successively penetrate into the network. While this cryptocurrency feature is used as a reward for the pentester, what if the cryptocurrency was instead used as a security mechanism for the IT company?
     One interesting security mechanism is to leave a cryptowallet with a live private key (containing real money) blended into the network (perhaps in a billing or accounting folder). And then monitor that address as a signal of breach. Any attacker will have to give up real digital value to not withdraw the money. Being a profit maximizer, with a large enough crypto bounty, the attacker will likely try to trigger the alarm. All the IT department needs to do is monitor the balance of the wallet address.

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